Giffgaff is an innovative mobile telephone company which being internet based means it can keep its charges down. Although part of the O2 network it is an entirely separate entity. If you order and activate a sim card from the following link, you will receive an additional £5 top up credit .

Get a free giffgaff Sim

On successful activation of your sim I will also be credited with payback equivalent to £5

This will be donated to Save the Children via the Preston Branch

Three really important reasons to choose giffgaff in addition to the excellent rates

  1. Its actually free to ring UK freephone numbers starting 080 or 0500 with giffgaff. Wow! this means you can now take advantage of those cheap call providers such as
  2. Calls (up to one hour duration each) to other Giffgaff users are always free providing you have topped up within the previous 3 months
  3. If you are used to a contract then check out Giffgaff Goodybags which provide monthly free call/data allowances, without being bound to fixed annual contract. ( please click the link at the bottom of the page that opens to return here to get your £5 free on activation)
  4. Cheap rates for ringing overseas from UK direct from your mobile. ie France: landline 2ppm mobile 5ppm . To find a country you would like to ring visit this page on giffgaff (opens in new tab). After exploring please remember to close that tab to return here to order your sim from the bottom of this page.

In order to activate your sim:

  1. Register for a Giffgaff account at ttps://
  2. Then click onthe activate link to take you to where you will enter the code printed on the reverse of the sim presentation card
  3. You then need to top up with £10 credit using a debit/credit card etc, once this process is successful a further £5 will be added to your account
  4. Then just pop your card in the phone and after a few minutes you’ll be part of the fastest growing mobile community
  5. If you need a nanosom or microsim just pop it out from within the ordinary sim – easy


Raising funds for Save the Children

Thanks for your interest
Click here to order your sim from Giffgaff

Get a free giffgaff Sim