Christmas 2020


During this coronavirus pandemic we realise that many of our customers will feel uncomfortable visiting our shop at 264 Sharoe Green Lane opposite Royal Preston Hospital. Additionally all of the fairs we usually attend to sell our cards have been cancelled leaving us with a bit of a problem.

We are attempting to rectify this problem with our simple online shop. Additionally we are trialing a local initiative to deliver cards free to our local supporters/customers who spend in excess of £10 and live within the PR1, PR2 postcodes plus the Broughton & Woodplumpton area.

For logistical reasons for all other areas please ensure you add £3.95 to your order by clicking the ‘add to cart button’ at the start of the order form below. Please note this charge also applies to postcode areas PR1 & PR2 etc with orders below £10.
If you are in any doubt whether you need to pay the £3.95 please ask via our contact form before submitting and paying for your order and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Because of restrictions on how the shop can operate its bank account it is unable to utilise any secure 3rd party online systems directly in order to process orders securely so they will be initially processed via my personal paypal account. Please click here for further details of this and how we will keep your funds safe.

Click here to see how we aim to process your monies securely

To commence your order

Please click the image below to view the 2020 range of cards, make a note of the code number card title and price of any you wish to order then close the tab to return here and place your order using the form below

Please click here to view the brochure

Order Form

After viewing the brochure (see above) please select your packs below by clicking on add to cart, then select number of packets in your shopping basket page that opens then click either checkout or continue shopping to return here to make more selections

After I receive your payment the Preston Shop will be in touch, hopefully within 2 working days. If you have had no contact after seven working days please let me know via the contact form , facebook or twitter

Delivery Charge

If your delivery address is outside Broughton, Woodplumpton and Preston PR1 or PR2 postcodes or within them but your order is less than £10 in total (excl delivery) then please click the button below to add £3.95 to your shopping basket to cover any postage/delivery costs.


SKU 4144 Campervan Pk of 10

SKU 4145 Winter Penguins Pk of 10

SKU 4146 Golden Nativity Pk of 10

SKU 4147 Christmas Stag Pk of 10

SKU 4148 Nativity Pyramid Pk of 10

SKU 4149 Winter Wreath Pk of 10

SKU 4150 Partridge Pk of 10

SKU 4151 Twelve Days Pk of 10

SKU 4152 Starlit Bethehem Pk of 10

SKU 4153 A Child is Born Pk of 10

SKU 4154  A Child Is Born Pk of 10

SKU 4155 Journey Silhouette Pk of 10

SKU 4156 Visiting The King Pk of 10

SKU 4157 Snowdrops Pk of 10

SKU 4158 Traditional Robin Pk of 10

SKU 4159 Moonlit Hare of 10

SKU 4160 Around The Tree Pk of 10

SKU 4161 Donkeys in Snow Pk of 10

SKU 4162  Dove of Peace Pk of 10

SKU 4163 Peace on Earth Pk of 10

SKU 4164 Three Kings Pk of 10

SKU 4165 Winter Montage Pk of 10

SKU 4166 Printed Robin  Pk of 10

SKU 4167 Photographic Robin Pk of 10

SKU 4168 Sheep In Snow Pk of 10

SKU 4169 Winter Hare Pk of 10

SKU 4170 Countryside Scene Pk of 10

SKU 4171 Fox & Badger Pk of 10

SKU 4173 Mini Nativity Pk of 10

SKU 4174 Mini Journey Pk of 10

SKU 4175 Carol Singers Pk of 10

SKU 4176 Deer Repeat Pk of 10


If you would like to include a donation to Save the Children you can do so by clicking the add to cart button below which will add £1 to your order. Should you wish to give a little more than this please increase the quantity in your shopping basket.


Finally on behalf of Save the Children and their volunteers at the Preston shop Thank You sincerely for your past and continuing support