About Save the Children Northern Fundraisers

Based in the North West of the UK this volunteer owned and run site seeks to inform about the varied work of Save the Children from a fundraising volunteer’s prospective.The website whilst promoting the work of the charity is wholly owned by myself and any views expressed are entirely my own and not necessarily those of Save the Children.

I began volunteering for Save the Children around 1987 when I was approached to help with a collection in my local Tescos. In 1989 the Blackburn Branch was formed and I became an active member until it’s closure 15 or so years later. From then on I attached myself to the Preston branch where I am at present the Branch Treasurer.

During my time at Blackburn branch I also took on the role of Area Volunteers representative for several years. This involved representing the (volunteer fundraising) branches of the North West of England in meetings at Save the Children HQ in London.  It was a very fascinating time and during this period I set up my first website.  The site aimed at presenting  Save the Children’s work and representing the Volunteers in the North West hence the website address of scfnw.org.uk, Save the Children Fund North West fundraisers – at that time there was still very little Save the Children internet presence.

Over the years the fund raising region boundaries of the charity changed and the new region became known as North, hence the need to change the name to Save the Children Northern Fundraisers.

In 2011 I created the facebook page and more recently I also opened a twitter account, both of these feeds are now featured prominently on the new site.

If you would like to offer any comments on how my site could be used to further it’s benefit of Save the Children I would love to hear from you, or you could just pop by the visitors book to say hello if you wish.

Thank you for visiting Save the Children Northern Fundraisers

Brian Stockdale