Congratulations to Frances Seth B.E.M.

In the recent birthday honours list our very own Frances Seth of Preston Branch and Shop was awarded a British Empire Medal for her charltable work as a volunteer with Save the Children.


Frances has been a leading volunteer with Save the Children  for many years.  Among her numerous current roles she is a speaking out volunteer, secretary of the Preston branch and leader of the Preston Shop.

The Preston shop site was discovered and promoted to Save the Children by Frances as being in an ideal location. During her years as volunteer shop leader she has  proved it to be exactly that.  With Frances’s leadership and dedication, she has, together with help from her hard working volunteer staff, ensured that Preston is consistently the top Save the Children shop in the country (or very near) for income generation .

I personally cannot think of anyone else who puts in so much work and effort into her multitude of roles and who was more deserving of some sort of Royal recognition.

You deserve it and more!

Frances pictured with several other volunteers from the highly successful Preston Shop .