Waterless Bottles

Waterless Bottles?
“You get the bottle and a child in a warzone gets clean safe water”

I’ve signed up to the Goods for Good campaign trial which ends on 22 July.  I am selling reusable bottles to raise funds so that Save the Children can supply safe water to children caught in conflict.

Right now, one in six children in the world are directly affected by armed conflict but lack of access to clean water is killing more children than any weapon.

I am a volunteer and all monies will be processed via justgiving.com  to Save The Children – I do not take any form of commission

During this trial the goods for good website is geared up for UK purchases only and p&p is included. Deliveries of the bottles will be made  in  early August.

We can deliver overseas but please email [email protected]n.org.uk  with your enquiry. Apologies for the awkwardness of this, later in the year the website should be geared up to take overseas orders online

Please show and share your support for this worthwhile campaign and help me smash my target here:


Below is an extreme example how SC is already helping

Quoting a tweet by Kevin Watkins, CEO Save the Children UK
“I wish I had something intelligent to say about these pumps. I don’t. But they are delivering clean water to 50k people near Mosul. Installed by our teams, the plant will be transferred to local authorities” #aidworks