We have risen to the challenge to virtually walk to Syria for children and families in the UK and globally. The Northern Fundraisers Team are now walking the 2,786 virtual miles to Syria.

DAY 135: 13 September 2021, after leaving STC HQ in London on 1st May we have travelled 1,728 miles and have now reached Bulgaria on our virtual walk to Syria – only 1,058 miles to go

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How it works …

Each team member’s miles (or converted kms) is pooled in order to track our overall progress. The more team members we have the quicker we get to Syria and the more money we collect for Save the Children.

At the time of writing our team is very small so we would really appreciate a few more legs!

My help video below shows just how easy it is to join our team and create your very own personal fundraising page. If after viewing you are still a bit hesitant I would be happy to set it up for you, just click here to get in touch (Please note the clip was initially produced for Preston Team but the steps are still the same)
The starting point for the video instructions is on our Team Page

Team Members Mileage contributions

There is no pressure on individual Team members to do a specific distance, you are completely free to set your own goal contribution towards our overall total by simply adding a few lines to your fundraising page if you wish (see above video) eg:“I am supporting the Northern Fundraisers Team’s walk to Syria and my personal goal is to contribute x miles (or kilometers) over the next month/s” That way your supporters will know exactly what you are committing to. We do ask that if possible you record your mileage on your personal fundraising pages. (see video below)

NB: Please do not worry if you can’t upload any images as explained in the video, the important thing is to record the actual distance if you can as described early on in the clip.
If you are counting your steps in kilometers you can select that option where you enter your distance
One last thing missed from the video was that for subsequent updates to start you will click on the purple button in the Fitness Activity Totals box on your page (not the button in the New Fitness Activity box)
I am always available to help if you need it, just ask via my contact form

Health & Safety

As a team member you will most likely be walking independently of the other team members so responsibility for your individual H & S is down to you but a good reference guide can be found on the ramblers website

We need supporters to walk but more importantly we need sponsors  to help keep us sustained on our travels – helping us raise much needed funds for the children.

From our  Team page @ Justgiving  you will be able to select a team member,  then just follow the links to make your donation.  All funds raised on individual team member’s fundraising pages are transferred directly to Save the Children by the JustGiving website making it extremely secure –  they even add an additional 25% under the Gift Aid scheme if applicable.

If you don’t like giving over the Just Giving website we are more than happy to accept donations by bank transfer to our local Save the Children bank account or by cheque made payable to Save the Children. 

If you wish to use one of these alternate routes and would like to sponsor a team member other than myself please let me know when you process your donation and I will endeavour to get the monies recorded on the correct  individual’s fundraising page.

To Donate by Your Bank Account

The details you will need are as follows:

Bank Sort Code: 080228
Account Number: 65567054
Bank Name: Save the Children Fnd MM70 Preston Brch
(Just as written above)

In the reference box you can add Walk and who you would like to support

To Donate By Post

Postal Donations should be sent made payable to Save the Children to:
Save The Children
c/o 72 Horden View
Lancashire BB2 5DH
United Kingdom

A final reminder of the links:

Click here to visit the team page and make your online donation via Just Giving

For up to date progress reports check out our facebook page at
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For keeping safe whilst out walking check out the very informative section on the ramblers website

Need help or want to know more.?
In the first instance please use our contact form.

However you choose to support us ………………