The Experiences & Thoughts of A Kidnapped UN Aid Worker

Whilst we may ponder on the physical discomfort and upsetting sights and situations aid workers are confronted with we sometimes overlook the actual physical risks they face from their fellow human beings.

These risks have been tragically brought to the forefront recently with the death of 5 Save the Children aid workers in Afghanistan.
Before viewing Vincent Cochetel’s excellent video we would like to express our commiserations to the family and friends of  these 5 brave humanitarians. (article ammended for this paragraph 13/4/2015)

Vincent Cochetel was held hostage for 317 days in 1998, while working for the UN High Commissioner on Refugees in Chechnya. For the first time, he recounts the experience — from what it was like to live in a dark, underground chamber, chained to his bed, to the unexpected conversations he had with his captors. With lyricism and power, he explains why he continues his work today. Since 2000, attacks on humanitarian aid workers have tripled — and he wonders what that rise may signal to the world.