Happy Easter

We hope you all have a joyful and happy Easter.
Being a Nestlé free zone we would like to disuade you from buying Nestlé eggs but why not go to the next step and buy a Fairtrade Egg, there is much more choice than you think.

Please watch this excellent video by Fairtrade Schools on where  cocoa beans come from and why Fairtrade is so important then view a selection of Fairtrade eggs

My Fairtrade Adventure (for Key Stage 2) from Fairtrade Schools on Vimeo.


Have a fairer Easter in 2015 with this fabulous selection of Fairtrade Easter treats as promoted on the Fairtrade website


2015 range

We hope you love our gorgeous array of single origin, organic and Fairtrade certified chocolate, all made for you in our kitchen in West Sussex.


Shaun the Sheep Easter egg

In celebration of Shaun the Sheep The Movie, Divine Chocolate and Aardman Animations are delighted to have created the Shaun the Sheep Easter Egg, a delicious Fairtrade milk chocolate treat complete with a special pair of Shaun the Sheep ears. (£5.00 RRP). Available at Waitrose, Wholefoods anddivinechocolate.com

2015 range

Available from Booths, Ocado, Oxfam, Tesco, Waitrose and www.divinechocolate.com


2015 range

Find the perfect Green & Black’s Organic luxury Easter egg for your Easter basket. The Green & Black’s Easter selection ranges from sumptuous chocolate Easter eggs to luxury Easter egg gift collections. Available at many large and independent retailers, and www.greenandblacksdirect.com


The Real Easter Egg 2015 range


With more than a million sold and voted the UK’s most popular Fairtrade Easter egg, the Real Easter Egg is the only one which donates to the charity Traidcraft Exchange from sales, has a copy of the Easter story in the box and is made from top grade Fairtrade chocolate. 150g milk chocolate edition with chunky buttons (£3.99), 180g dark chocolate edition with chocolate squares (£5.50), 280g Peace milk chocolate edition with orange bar and Bethlehem olive wood key ring (£9.99)

From Tesco, Waitrose, Morrison’s, Traidcraft and free delivery at www.realeasteregg.co.uk


Organic Fairtrade Alternative to Milk Chocolate Easter eggs & half eggs

Organic Fairtrade dairy free chocolate items for Easter.

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